What makes us Tick?

At IMD we passionately believe that every business and organisation has the potential to be great.

We also know that there are many and varied reasons why this potential is often not achieved.

We have some longstanding, hardwired principles that underpin all our consulting, development and resourcing work, and which have ensured our position as a trusted and valued consultant to our clients.

We believe in people

Every organisation is ultimately about people: the people it employs and the people it serves. We never forget, sidestep or underestimate this simple truth and all our consultancy work starts from the premise that for anything to take hold, people have to be an intrinsic part of it.

We are business focussed

At IMD, business is our language. We will always keep our eye on the ball, resolutely focussing on the business issues that you have and helping you to do the same. We never lose sight of the fact that your ultimate goal is business success, in whatever terms that success is defined.

We believe in openness

We are open and honest with you from the start and hope that you can be the same with us. We don’t think that management jargon or smoke and mirrors help anyone, so we don’t use them.

We are thorough and determined

When we get hold of a difficult or complex business issue, we don’t let go until we have solved it. We immerse ourselves in your business and feel the same push for answers that you yourself feel.

We take a craftsman’s pride in our work

Knowing that each project we work on has its own unique form and will require its own crafted, tailored solution, we don’t rest until we can see the positive results of our endeavours. More than this, our ultimate aim is to leave a client with the tools and skills they will need to continue building on the work we have done with them.

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