Tough times call for decisive action. At IMD we get to the point, fast. We are straight talkers who will tackle every thorny issue with a combination of intellectual vigour and down to earth pragmatism. We ask you challenging questions, help you to reach inspired solutions and enable you to deliver measurable results.

Working with experts…

Every Partner and Consultant at IMD is a high calibre manager with extensive expertise and experience in their field. We recruit only from senior management level and above because we don’t believe our clients should pay for someone to learn the ropes.  Our Consultants cover the whole of the UK including overseas.  Our deep understanding and first-hand knowledge of how businesses and organisations tick is the key to how we can help you to drive up your performance.

Facing facts…

Your success will often depend on your willingness to face some difficult facts. At IMD we’re tenacious and independent in uncovering and presenting those facts. In our experience, clients want the truth about their business, even when it can sometimes be uncomfortable.

We will encourage you to approach issues from different, often surprising perspectives which will help you to understand and get to the heart of a matter quickly; and then we will concentrate on working with you to put things right.

We also passionately believe in building capability so that you and your team have the insights and skills to continue to build a successful business long after we have left.

...and measuring your progress

You can’t know you have succeeded unless you can measure your success. We help you to identify your starting point and to articulate and define your strategic goals. Just as importantly, we help you to mark out the milestones along the way. This way you will know what success looks like, whether you are on track to achieve it and just how far your journey has taken you.

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