IMD provides bespoke, tailored solutions to support organisations to successfully overcome the constraints and challenges they face as they deal with the realities of delivering public service.

IMD helps organisations to build the capability, providing tailored solutions to overcome obstacles, deliver strategic change, improve efficiency and performance and strengthen business and financial management.

With a broad portfolio of skills and experience delivered only by Senior Consultants and Partners located in the South of England and the Midlands IMD are able to support healthcare organisations across the UK and overseas.

Our rigorous, resolutely focussed approach is refreshingly down to earth. We ask challenging questions, develop inspired solutions and seek deliverable, measurable results.

Every Partner and Consultant at IMD is a high calibre senior manager with extensive expertise and experience in their field. We recruit only from senior management level and above because we don’t believe our clients should pay for someone to learn the ropes. Our Consultants are located in the South of England and the Midlands, enabling us to support organisations across the UK and overseas