It goes without saying that the NHS is operating in challenging and changing times. This new landscape requires existing and aspiring Foundation Trusts to manage their affairs in a more business-savvy manner, but where do leaders develop the necessary mind-set and skills to manage their organisations in this way?

Real business acumen gives leaders the ability to look at the challenges they face through quite different lenses, and in doing so, provides a wider range of options and a more robust methodology for reaching decisions and moving forward.

At IMD, we have a rich blend of experience and expertise that brings together business acumen, a deep understanding and belief in NHS values and proven people development expertise.

We are working with Executive Teams to develop their business mind-sets and skills through a proven action learning process. In order for our clients to meet their challenges successfully, they not only have to learn new ways of thinking and working, but also need to do this with enthusiasm and appetite. This is not always easy, especially given the enormity of the challenges and the pace of change needed.

IMD provides a proven action learning approach that focuses on pragmatic solutions to pressing challenges. We facilitate a process which enables your whole Executive Team, and the teams working for them to begin to think and operate in a style that demonstrates true business acumen, and this is key to the way forward.

Today as ever before, leadership in the NHS is vital, but whilst leadership soft skills are necessary, they are not in themselves sufficient. Directors also need to also embrace the concept of being more business-minded and adept.

If you would like to know what operating with greater business acumen might entail, contact us today.


“Initially sceptical about how this could relate to the patient, I was willing to utilise the information the sessions and discussions provided for me to support the corporate aim.
To my surprise what I found was that being “business like” is totally related to providing quality.  Value and cost is what we need to understand in order to provide our customers with a quality experience, whether they are commissioners or patients.”

Liz Rix, Chief Nurse
University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust

“Over the past 6 months IMD have worked with my Executive Directors and transformed the mind set of the team. Without compromising the NHS values we hold dear, IMD has challenged us to tackle really difficult issues in a business-orientated manner. The facilitative yet challenging way this has been achieved has had quite an inspirational impact on the team. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

Julia Bridgewater, Chief Executive
University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust

“An action learning approach for the Executive Team combined with individual coaching has had a significant impact, creating a real step change in the business capability of each Executive and also team performance.

I have worked in the NHS for 30 years, yet learned so much about ‘the business’, not just in relation to workforce and culture but also the broader strategic agenda. I feel re-energised and ready for the challenges ahead.”

Margot Johnson, Director of Human Resources
University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust