Mike is a commercially astute and entrepreneurial NHS Chief Executive of 13 years with a further 6 years at Board level.  A verifiable track record of performance and delivery culminating in the FT authorisation of an organisation which had seen its first FT application rejected outright by Monitor.  A strategic thinker who possesses highly developed skills in areas of significant change management and strategic leadership having been responsible for the closure of several Victorian institutions and establishing of comprehensive alternative community based service infrastructure and culture as well as the delivery of a unique PFI scheme.  Proven business management skills combined with a sound knowledge of NHS national policy and who is committed to the principles and demands of public service. More recently, developed executive coaching skills and knowledge of Board and Quality Governance requirements.

During 2012 Mike completed a secondment as Director of Provider Development, at NHS North of England, to oversee the progression to Foundation Trust status, or acceptable alternative, of all NHS Trusts in the North, with a range of complex challenges as part of a national programme.

Most recently Mike has been employed as Senior Enforcement Director at Monitor, overseeing the development and application of the failure regime for FTs, as provisioned in the Health and Social Care Act (2012). In addition, since September 2013 Mike has fulfilled the roll of Improvement Director, working with specified Foundation Trusts who have been placed in special measures.

Mike’s areas of interest and focus are:

  • Foundation Trust Application
  • Board Development
  • Governance and Quality
  • Executive Coaching